Nov 28

Fallout 4 First Look Marathon

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  1. Sage Mantis November 29th, 2015 12:55 AM

    I cannot remember how I stumbled across HPAW, but it still remains the only thing like it out there. I was a very lonely and troubled individual completely shut off from society with fear that everywhere else was the same way as I had it. The only enlightenment was what I encountered through media– but media is very carefully planned and articulated with an agenda in mind. I think what people nowadays need most in the world is exposure to the presence of like minds and to feel acknowledged, and you guys did those things for me– and certainly others besides me. I think the real value of groups like HPAW is a sharing with all of the people who would have been in that social circle, but for various circumstances were unable to find such a thing. Not to mention the entertainment value is very good. And it’s not just some informal project you guys have created either; this site is a very professional and serious undertaking. The continued continued continued perseverance of HPAW despite fame and fortune, with only an increase in quality, makes me feel like the only people who truly cared (somehow indirectly) about my existence were the furthest of strangers with the least reason to do so. HPAW has been like my secular guardian angel. I have learned the significance of that, and wish to employ that meaning to as many others as possible, as deep as possible. Giving just a little unsolicited love to someone who needs it will blossom their entire world, and the infectiousness of it has them doing the same. This is probably pretty melodramatic for a comment, but it’s a stream of consciousness without edit, too.

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