10-04-02 Heavy Rain

HPAW returns with another new episode. This time the rain is heavy, the mood just right, a near perfect execution of story telling. Heavy Rain is this weeks focus and although we have a slow start (first encounter episode) the game really drew me in. We have a full cast (and a guest, kinda) so enjoy the start of Heavy Rain!

HPAW April 2nd 2010: Heavy Rain (HD/720P) (1.7 GiB)
HPAW April 2nd 2010: Heavy Rain (SD/iPod) (587.2 MiB)
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  1. Flakable 7 July 13th, 2011 12:24 AM

    This game makes me sad. but it would make an amazing dramma movie.
    If it were a dramma, i would buy it,love it, i suggest you do to,i would buy the sound track,and i would not let it go.
    Seriously,i never cry bcause i’m sad,i didnt cry when i watched my dog die:( i didn’t cry when my mom was ran over by a hores.(still alive)
    But i seriosly drew a tear when i watched it, if this were a real movie, my eyes would be floating away.

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