09-06-24 Mirror’s Edge

Hello and welcome to another 2009 episode of HPAW. (We are keeping a decent schedule, yay!) This week HPAW takes a look at Mirror’s Edge, not a new game anymore but one that had slipped my mind for many months. Mirror’s Edge is a game about free running and is made by the same developer as the Battlefield series. We have a full cast for this episode, so join us as we take to the rooftops of Mirror’s Edge.

HPAW June 24th 2009: Mirror's Edge (HD/720P) V2 (1.2 GiB)
HPAW June 24th 2009: Mirror's Edge (SD/iPod) (470.2 MiB)

There were some serious technical difficulties with the live version of this episode. Hopefully next time will turn out better.

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