09-09-18 FEAR 2 Reborn

Well we have less than one week to go before we start our Halo 3: ODST Marathon but before that we have a regularly scheduled episode. We initially had some trouble trying to decide what game we should do for this episode but when we started to discuss it in detail the answer became clear we had to do another episode of FEAR 2.

Recently a $10 expansion/DLC was released for FEAR 2 called Reborn. it is an expansion on the single player experience that I feel is much truer to the original FEAR than ever before. Kaisuke was missing for this episode however we are no longer bound by YouTube’s hour-long sometimes you don’t get your episode encoded limit so enjoy this extra long episode. I also like to remind people to help out on the HPAW Wiki, it’s not going to update itself you know.

HPAW September 18th 2009: FEAR 2: Reborn (HD/720P+) (1.3 GiB)
HPAW September 18th 2009: FEAR 2: Reborn (SD/iPod) (544.2 MiB)
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