Oct 18

HPAW October 17th: Portal

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The day before Nw Striker and I go to E 4 All we got together with WorldGone Awry, Teclis and Kaisuke to show the awesome puzzle game Portal.


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  1. asdf64 October 18th, 2007 4:21 AM

    Lol, awsome epsiode!

  2. Efrendal October 18th, 2007 4:27 AM

    GladDOS is so awesome! It had me cracking up all the time and the song at the end rocks.

  3. King Of Iceland October 18th, 2007 4:46 AM

    I’m not watching this until I finish the game by my self

  4. Jon October 18th, 2007 5:14 AM

    Best. Credits. EVER. Special thanks to the companion cube for making all of this possible!

  5. spartan_red October 18th, 2007 5:47 AM

    wow that game is …. the best so glad you guys showed it can’t wait to see the e 4 all episode have fun

  6. link101 October 18th, 2007 8:37 AM

    wow wat an episode especially the paradoxs u made o mempf do u know wen the E 4 all expo episode is up

  7. ZombieReaper13 October 18th, 2007 9:47 AM

    mmmmm cake ooooooo whats in here? great vid

  8. videogameking October 18th, 2007 10:41 AM

    OMG The cake was real!, The ones who said the cake was a lie were telling a lie, everythings a lie, LIFE IS A LIE!

    It looks like a fun game, the credits were cool as you combined the episode credits and the game credits, awesome song too. lol. I hope they can get some footage of Super Smash Bros. Brawl at the Expo, SONIC FTW!

  9. overlord22 October 18th, 2007 1:58 PM

    Nice vid mempf. I hope you and striker get some SSBB gameplay vids. This makes me want to get portal and play it till the end.
    The cake is a lie.

  10. metalsnakezero October 18th, 2007 2:21 PM

    Nice job Mempf with all the Puzzle solving. Have fun at E4 all.

  11. twilight wolf522 October 18th, 2007 3:21 PM

    Yeah have fun at E4 all Mempf and Striker. Man I wish I was going….

  12. 360 October 18th, 2007 3:27 PM

    WOW!!! that is an awesome game. welldone mempf you are skilled at this game dude portal is awesome!!!!

  13. 360 October 18th, 2007 3:28 PM

    i hope E4 all is good,good luck!

  14. gaming guy7 October 18th, 2007 5:49 PM

    Hey Mempf cool, no awsome, podcast!This has to be my favorite episode ever.I love Portal but it looks very, very confusing.You however were awsome at it.Good luck at at the E for all!

    P.S. Every time I come to comment on a video, it sometimes doens’t work.Like for example.ill try typing in something.hpawcs had evry week.See what i mean.Please see if you can fix this problem.And trust me, i know im typingi it correctly.

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