Dec 11

UPDATE3: High-Quality Versions Up!

Our deal with AggravatedGamers unexpectedly ended early and as a result all videos they hosted are now deleted. I have not yet had a chance to upload the videos to our new servers. That should happen later today.

At this time the problems are:
-All High-Quality versions are down except latest HPAW.
-All Zelda Marathon Lost Parts are unwatchable as they have no Google Video mirror yet.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

UPDATE: New server now started to stabilize out so soon the rest of the videos will return and the site will once again return to normal.

UPDATE2: The only videos now missing are some of the Zelda Marathon parts. They are constantly being uploaded and all will be available shortly.

UPDATE3: All videos should now be up and running. If you have any problems with a video please report it as there could be a problem on our end.


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